I Am Destined for Greatness

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Louise Monique Ureta Soriano
Born on October 22, 1990 at around 10 something a.m.
Doesn't have any permanent address but definitely enjoys her glamorously nomadic life.
Studied make-up in London College of Make-up in Dubai.
Graduated Communication Arts in the most awarded communication school in the Philippines (google it, people)
Quite introverted. has lot of acquaintances (talk about over hundreds of strangers on all sorts of social networking sites) but only a handful knows the crimes she's done and how her mind and gut coordinates.
Her ultimate purpose in life is to find her purpose in life.
Hates cheap talks and things she couldn't control in the palm of her hands but loves to go with the flow anyway.

the content of this site reflects her instincts and impulse at that very moment.


This happens whenever I practice my make-up skills.

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#make-up  #selfportraiture 
  1. gianology said: GANDURS! :)
  2. non-conformist said: sinong nagpipicture sayo?
  3. itisjustmille said: Tutorial, teh! Galing mooo! :)
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